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4 Reasons Why We Need to Save

August 5, 2015

Saving is important. Everyone knows that and everyone tells you that. But why is it so important?

Some go, “I earn monthly. Why is there a need to save?” or “I have a stable job that’s not going away anytime soon. I don’t need to save.”

Let us tell you some important reasons to why everyone should save.

  1. Emergencies

    We can never predict the future. Anyone would suddenly need to fix a part of the house, but can’t because of a recent dinner splurge. To avoid borrowing money from a neighbor or relative, over something that can be spent on with savings, set aside some money and keep it in a bank account for emergencies.

  2. Education

    Tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, field trips, supplies. Prices rise often. It’s best to be prepared when these times come.

  3. Retirement

    Yes, you have a stable job now. But when the time comes, your retirement benefits can only take you so far. Saving now may ensure a worry-free future.

  4. Health

    Health is the most important thing. An emergency dental procedure, or even just cough medicine. Are you ready for the simplest medical emergencies?

Without money invested in savings, the unpredictable future can be a limited one as well. So start now. Save today.