Loans Pampanga

Financial Assistance for Better Agricultural Security

July 16, 2015

Many Filipinos who live in the rural areas depend on agriculture for a living.  However, gaining profit from farming is unpredictable. Unforeseen circumstances may lead to farmers seeking financial assistance through credit.

Porac Bank is organized to provide orderly and effective agricultural financial assistance since farmers usually face a long and difficult process when trying to secure a loan due to the uncertainty of their produce.

An agricultural loan is a credit given to farmers for the development and improvement of their venture. This will help finance the production of certain crops like rice, corn, sugar cane, coconut, abaca, tobacco, and the like. Operating expenses, improvement of farmlands and acquisition of farm equipment are also covered. Aside from farming, livestock ventures are also eligible for agricultural loans here at Porac Bank.

This opens opportunities for hard-working farmers to pursue modern agricultural methods and technical advancements. Therefore, if better understanding about these kinds of loans is promoted among farmers, the future of agriculture in our community will be secured.

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