Green is More Than Just a Color

August 2019

Generally, colors are important to businesses because of aesthetical reasons that subtly increase brand awareness and perception. For Porac Bank, the blue and green colors are more than just a decorative element for how the Bank presents its brand. These come with deeper meanings that are embedded in our culture. In fact, to us working at Porac Bank, green is more than just a color. It is a testament to our mission, of our commitment to provide sustainable banking services and practices –practices that benefit not only the Bank but share a similar effect to all the stakeholders including the environment. Some may argue that the environment isn’t a stakeholder because it fails to meet certain qualifying criteria. But in our perspective, the environment is just as important as any other stakeholder because of the interdependency that exists in our ecosystem. The Bank carried out a tree-planting activity in August 2019 enjoined by all the employees and officers of the Bank. Through this activity, about 500 saplings of Cacao, Banana, and Bamboo were planted at Sitio Target, Sapang Bato, Pampanga. Our commitment to go green doesn’t end here. We actively promote practices that aim to reduce carbon footprints.  We are happy to announce the receptiveness of our employees to these initiatives. In our little ways, we hope that we can positively impact the quality of our living environment.