Savings and Checking

Type of Deposit Account Savings Checking
Required Initial Deposit Php500.00 Php5,000.00
Required Minimum Average Daily Balance (ADB) Php500.00 Php5,000.00
Required Minimum Balance to Earn Interest Php1,000.00 Php20,000.00
Interest Rate (per annum) 0.25% 0.25%

Time Deposits

TD Amount 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days
P10,000.00 - P50,000.00 0.500% 0.650% 0.800%
P50,000.00 - P100,000.00 0.700% 0.850% 1.000%
P100,000.00 - P200,000.00 0.900% 1.050% 1.200%
P200,000.00 - P500,000.00 1.100% 1.250% 1.400%
P500,000.00 - P1,000,000.00 1.300% 1.450% 1.600%
P1M to less than P5M 1.500% 1.650% 1.800%
P5M and up 1.700% 1.850% 2.000%

Bank Service Fees

* Monthly Maintenance Fee for falling below the required ADB
Savings Deposit Checking Account
Php200.00 Php500.00
Monthly Dormancy Charge
Savings Deposit Checking Account
Php30.00 Php30.00
Stop Payment Order (SPO) Application (per check)
Savings Deposit Checking Account
Php00.00 Php200.00
Fee for closing within 1 year from date of opening
Savings Deposit Checking Account
Php200.00 Php200.00
Peso Checkbook
Personal Commercial
Php270.00 Php270.00
Inter Branch Deposits
Amount of Deposit Service Charge
Php1.00 - Php49,999.99 Php100.00
Php50,000.00 - Php99,999.99 Php150.00
Php100,000.00 - Php149,999.99 Php200.00
Php150,000.00 - Php199,999.99 Php250.00
Php200,000.00 - Php299,999.99 Php350.00
Php300,000.00 - Php399,999.99 Php450.00
Php400,000.00 - Php499,999.99 Php550.00
Php500,000.00 - Php999,999.99 Php750.00
Php1,000,000.00 and above Php1,000.00
Demand Draft Printed Bank Statement Bank Certification
Php250.00 Php200.00 Php100.00

*Monthly Maintenance Fee applies if account falls below the required minimum average daily balance for two consecutive months.

**Monthly Dormancy Charge is collected only if account shows no activity for five years and the balance has fallen below the required minimum monthly ADB.

***Additional charges equivalent to ₱200.00 per divisible of ₱ 40,000.00 per day for Saturday and Sunday if date of return falls on Friday

NOTE: Fees may change without prior notice.

Member: PDIC. Maximum Deposit Insurance for Each Depositor ₱500,000.00